Business Regulations

The academic year is divided into two semesters of approximately 15 weeks each and a summer semester of approximately 12 weeks. Fees are charged and payable by the semester since each semester constitutes a separate unit of operation. A student may enroll at the beginning of any semester.

To ensure financial operation is in conformity with Board of Regents policies, fee payment regulations must be observed. All fees and charges are due and payable by the first official day of class for the semester for the University; charges incurred during the Drop/Add period are due immediately. Students are responsible for checking their account balance via Touchnet available in and ensuring fee payment by the published fee payment due dates. Fees and charges may be paid by cash, by check, online by free webCheck or by MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Visa in the exact amount of the student’s statement. Payment by credit card must be made via Touchnet and is subject to a 2.85% processing fee. Nonpayment of all fees and charges by the first day of university classes could result in the cancellation of all classes. If a student’s financial aid is not available to pay all fees by the designated due date, he/she must be prepared to pay tuition and fees then be reimbursed when financial aid is available. Should a student decide not to attend Georgia Southern University or cease to attend during the semester, he/she will continue to be fee liable until officially withdrawing from the University. (See refunds and withdrawals for more information.) PLEASE NOTE, NO STATEMENTS ARE MAILED; STATEMENTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY VIA TOUCHNET AT THE ABOVE WEB ADDRESS.

Any amounts owed to the University that are not cleared when due will be subject to reasonable collection fees that could include collection agency fees, attorney fees, court costs and other charges necessary for the collection of the debt. In addition, a financial hold will be added to the account that will prevent any changes to current or future registration and access to transcripts.

The University reserves the right to make changes in its fees, which are regulated by the Georgia Board of Regents, at the beginning of any semester and without previous notice.