EAGLEXPRESS and Eagle Card Services

EagleXpress® is a premier declining balance system conveniently accessible through your Eagle Card. Available at more than 70 on and off-campus vendors, EagleXpress® can be used to pay for everything from textbooks and school supplies to food and groceries. Use EagleXpress® at campus dining locations, the University Store, Armstrong Bookstore, Printing and Postal Services, Tech Corner, health Services and even Parking and Transportation.

Students, parents, faculty and staff can easily deposit funds to an EagleXpress® account online through eAccounts, in-person at Eagle Card Services, or at one of our convenient campus kiosks. Funds may be loaded with cash, money order, check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Mail checks or money orders to:

Eagle Card Services
P.O. Box 8079
Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA 30460-8079

You can also log into your eAccount to get a statement of your EagleXpress® account activity for the last 30 days. Money in your EagleXpress® account never expires, and it can be used any time of the year both on and off campus. EagleXpress® is not a banking system, and cash cannot be withdrawn from the account. Refunds will be issued by check after the end of each semester by written request only.

  • EagleXpress cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, tobacco, firearms, piercings, tattoos, tanning or gift cards.

  • EagleXpress is accepted at 70+ locations throughout the area

  • Students receive a 5% discount at all on-campus dining locations when using EagleXpress.

You will find EagleXpress® is a great way to manage money needed to buy books, meals and other Georgia Southern goods and services.

EagleXpress® Packages

Beginning each semester, the Eagle Card Center offers students the ability to add EagleXpress Packages to their invoices prior to the first financial aid disbursement. Descriptions of the EagleXpress Packages are listed below. Students may register for one of the EagleXpress Packages by stopping by the Eagle Card Center, through the EagleXpress web portal at eaglecard.georgiasouthern.edu, or their my.georgiasouthern.edu account

Eaglexpress 350 $350 on your Eaglexpress +10% in Dining Dollars ($35) $350.001
Eaglexpress 700 $700 on your Eaglexpress +10% in Dining Dollars ($70) $700.001

EagleXpress® Dining Plans

Eagle Dining Services offers a variety of options for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy a great dining experience on Georgia Southern University’s campuses.






Access to Residential Dining

19 meals per week

14 meals per week

5 meals per week

3 meals per week

Dining Dollars per Semester

300 D$

100 D$






Prices are per semester. *Minimum for freshmen students.

Dining plans will change for fall 2020 to allow adequate social distancing and ensure customer safety. Each student with a dining plan will have a certain amount of swipes into the residential dining facilities and Dining Dollars (D$) they can use at retail dining locations such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Southern Cafe and more.

EagleXpress® Budget Bucks

Georgia Southern students can easily manage their dining spending through flexible Budget Bucks plans. Each of plan receives a predetermined amount of Budget Bucks per week for sixteen (16) weeks throughout the semester. Every Monday, accounts are reloaded with the selected amount, good at any Eagle Dining Services location.

Budget Bucks 480 Budget Bucks 960
Access to Residential Dining $8.75 per entry $8.75 per entry
Reload Amount $30 per week/16 weeks $60 per week/16 weeks
Price $480 $960

If Budget Bucks have not been used by the end of the week, the remaining balance will be credited to the following week’s balance. At the end of each semester, remaining balances are automatically credited to the following semester.