Other Financial Assistance

The academic progress of students receiving federal financial assistance from the programs listed earlier in this narrative must be evaluated by the criteria outlined in this policy. These and other students receiving other types of financial assistance are evaluated based on requirements of the applicable financial assistance program.


The Georgia Southern University Athletic Department administers student athletic scholarships. Student athletes who are eligible to receive institutional and/or Federal aid must comply with NCAA regulations. Student athletes interested in receiving financial aid in addition to their athletic scholarship must complete the appropriate application process.

Co-op and Internship Program

The Co-op and Internship Program at Georgia Southern University encompasses both internship and cooperative education opportunities for students in all majors. Co-ops and internships provide an opportunity for students to evaluate whether their chosen career path or field of study is a good fit for them, develop their professional skills, and apply their academic knowledge while obtaining valuable real world experience in their field. The Office of Career and Professional Development at Georgia Southern University is committed to recruiting and promoting co-op and internship opportunities for all students and provides a centralized contact for both academic and non-academic related issues associated with experiential learning for all colleges and majors.

In order to participate in the Co-op and Internship Program, students must be in good academic standing with the University and must agree to the requirements of the program which include completing the experiential learning application in Eagle Career Net, signing a Code of Conduct and Waiver of Liability. Additionally, students must provide the Office of Career and Professional Development with an offer letter from their employer. The compensation package offered to the student is determined by the employer and board and lodging are the responsibility of the student. If students are not completing a co-op or internship for academic credit, then they will be enrolled in non-academic, tuition-free COOP hours that will denote their experience on their student transcript. Students will be registered for the course through the Office of Career and Professional Development. Students and employers are required to submit evaluations at two identified points during their work term. Successful completion of the requirements will result in a pass or fail grade awarded to the student.

For more information about the Co-op and Internship Program, please refer to the Student Internship & Co-op Guide (students.georgiasouthern.edu/career/files/CoOpInternshipGuide.pdf), visit the Career and Professional Development website (GeorgiaSouthern.edu/ocpd), or call (912) 478-5197.

Veterans’ Assistance Programs

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) provides educational benefits under several programs. Eligibility is determined by DVA. Veterans or dependents of certain veterans who wish to attend Georgia Southern University under any of the veterans’ benefits programs should contact the Veterans Coordinator located in Military Resource Center (MRC)  for assistance at (912) 478-5154 or the Veterans Administrative Assistant at (912) 478-8043 or email veterans@georgiasouthern.edu. The Veterans Coordinator is responsible for assisting veteran students with the processing of VA forms for educational benefits. Students will be advised of procedural requirements and certification of enrollment will be verified to DVA.

Veterans who have service-connected disabilities and are eligible for disability compensation may qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation. Disabled veterans who think they qualify for this assistance are encouraged to contact the Department of Veterans Administration for further information.

Georgia Southern University encourages all veterans to take advantage of college credit that may be granted for military training, as well as the credit by examination programs. Veterans requesting college credit for military training must provide Military and Veteran Affairs with an official military transcript for evaluation.

Military and Veteran Affairs will evaluate transfer Credit for Military Service based on completion of basic military training. A form DD-214 should be furnished to Military and Veteran Affairs for evaluation. Two (2) credit hours will be allowed for Kinesiology PE Credit for active service less than one year. Four (4) credit hours will be allowed for Kinesiology PE Credit for one year or more active service. For more information please visit our web page at em.georgiasouthern.edu/registrar/students/veteranaffairs.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The State of Georgia provides financial assistance (equal to tuition and other regular fees in the University) for residents of Georgia who have disabilities. For further information, call toll free (844) 367-4872, or view the web page gvs.georgia.gov.