Strategic Values and Priorities

The Latin phrase, e pluribus unum (from many, one), formed part of the design of the Great Seal of the United States in recognition of the difficult compromises that representatives of the thirteen states had to make “in Order to form a more perfect Union.” E pluribus unum also evokes a distinctive purpose of university life, turning differences into shared commitments and engagements that enable the achievement of educational goals. At this critical time in its history, in the post-consolidation transition that has brought together three campuses in southeast Georgia, Georgia Southern University commits itself to answering the challenge of making e pluribus unum a vibrant reality. Following are the values we strive to embody and the priorities we strive to pursue.

  1. Academic Excellence: Georgia Southern academically challenges students, providing them with the knowledge, experiences, and support they need to develop into productive and responsible citizens of the 21st century.
    1. Ensure students acquire important perspectives, approaches, and information from the majors or minors, certificate or graduate programs in which they are enrolled
    2. Develop widely-applicable skills, including critical thinking, situational analysis, and problem solving, that enable students to adapt to a changing world
    3. Employ effective strategies and technologies of learning adjusted to the needs of our students and meeting the demands of existing workplaces and future careers
    4. Support student engagement with diverse cultures at home and abroad
  2. Personalized Attention: A large university with a small town feel, Georgia Southern offers a student-centered culture that enhances learning, promotes student scholarship and creative activity, and supports career development.
    1. Augment faculty mentor programs and staff-based support systems that make a positive difference for student learning outcomes
    2. Expand service learning, research, and career development partnerships with local, regional, national, and international organizations, both private and public
    3. Develop networks and resources to facilitate career progression after students graduate 
    4. Promote the multidimensional wellness of all members of the Georgia Southern community while also maintaining safe campuses
  3. Openness and Inclusion: Georgia Southern values the diversity of its people, communities, and disciplines as an important basis for its vitality as an institution of higher education.
    1. Recruit and retain a diverse student body, faculty, staff and administration
    2. Enhance accessibility and embrace the diverse abilities and experiences that members of our communities bring to the university
    3. Support the community engagement activities and programs of our students, faculty, staff and administrators
    4. Uphold shared governance structures and practices and ensure timely and clear communication of administrative decisions to students, faculty and staff
  4. Stewardship: Citizens of Georgia Southern strive to be conscientious custodians of the resources at their disposal and committed practitioners of their vocations who care about and understand the connections between the well-being of our students, our communities, and our environment.
    1. Focus resources on developing student capabilities and adopt and maintain lean and effective administrative structures
    2. Build on our record of national distinction as an institution dedicated to the principles of sustainability
    3. Invest in programs and activities that enhance university life, promote student engagement, and foster the vitality of all of our campuses
    4. Promote excellence in all areas of operation and service
  5. Inventiveness/Innovation: Georgia Southern maintains environments and employs technologies that encourage and facilitate creative problem-solving by students, faculty, staff, and administration.
    1. Support student partnerships with faculty in research, creative scholarship, and service learning
    2. Adopt best teaching, research, operational and administrative practices
    3. Employ our intellectual capital for regional economic development
    4. Leverage “State-of-the-Art” technological solutions with best in class business processes