Social Science M.A.

Degree Requirements: 36 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements


  1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited, four-year institution (or a course of study that is the equivalent of such a degree).
  2. A statement of purpose expressing student’s aspirations.
  3. A favorable review by the Social Science Graduate Admissions Committee. If an applicant's overall undergraduate GPA is equal to or greater than a 3.0 or if the student already holds an advanced graduate degree, the GRE scores will be waived. Otherwise, GRE scores are required. Consideration is also given to the student's statement of purpose and potential for succeeding in the program.


Non-traditional students and applicants not meeting the above requirements may be considered for Provisional (Probationary) admission as determined on a case-by-case basis.


Credit Hours
Required Core Courses
SOCI   6638Proseminar in Social Science 3
or ANTH   6638 Proseminar in Social Science
or POLS   6638 Proseminar in Social Science
Theory (Can be any ANTH, POLS, or SOCI theory course)3
Methods and/or Analysis (Can be any ANTH, POLS, or SOCI methods and/or analysis courses)6
Elective Courses
A student will develop a program of study in conjunction with their advisor and approved by the graduate Director. A student will select an area of concentration within one of the three areas: Anthropology, Political Science, or Sociology. An area of concentration requires a minimum of 15 credit hours of coursework from within anthropology, political science, or sociology. With the exception of SOCI/ANTH/POLS 6638, core courses can be used to fulfill the area of concentration requirements.18
Terminal Project:
Select one of the following Tracks6
Applied/Public Service Track
The applied/public service track is for students who plan to enter applied or public service venues. Students may choose among three terminal projects. (Option 1) Students complete six credit hours of course work that has an applied emphasis (e.g. additional classes in methods, statistics, grant writing, program evaluation, public policy, or field research). Specific courses must be approved by the advisor and graduate director. (Option 2) Students complete an internship approved by the advisor and director. Or (Option 3) students take courses to prepare them for a career in teaching at the community college level.
Thesis Track
The research thesis track is strongly recommended for students who plan to continue in graduate or professional education. The thesis may be theoretical or empirical and should represent the student’s knowledge of social science theory, methodology and a substantive area as well as the ability to conduct research. Data for empirical research projects may be qualitative and/or quantitative and primary and/or secondary in nature.
Total Credit Hours36

General Program Requirements

Students can earn six (6) credits from courses at the 5000G level. Students will craft a program of study which draws from at least two of the three fields of study within the Social Sciences program. Enrollment in courses outside anthropology, political science, and sociology is limited to a maximum of six (6) credits. Courses that are taken to fulfill a prerequisite for admission may not be used to satisfy course credit hour requirements. All students must complete a portfolio to demonstrate the completion of program objectives.


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