The College of Education has a variety of centers and offices that provide specific services to its students, faculty, and public schools:

Within the Office of Initial Educator Preparation and Assessment, the Associate Dean coordinates all activities related to undergraduate education, initial teacher preparations, state and national reporting, CAEP accreditation, PSC program approval, College of Education and program assessment, and Educator Preparation Committee activities. The Director of Field Experiences and the Clinical Practice Field Experience Coordinator facilitate all field experiences and coordinate clinical practice in partner schools in collaboration with the various department, public schools (Clinical Associates and Clinical Supervisors) and international partners.

The Office of Graduate Education and Research coordinates graduate admissions and program offerings as well as research and grant activity for the College in collaboration with the various departments, campus offices, and school systems.

The College of Education Student Success Center (SSC) is responsible for the advisement of all undergraduate education majors. The Director of the SSC and Certification Officer serves as a liaison between the College and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission dealing with certification matters. The Director evaluates student transcripts to determine course needs for acquiring initial or additional certification fields and makes the College’s recommendations for certification.

The Georgia Center for Educational Renewal conducts research and identifies its applications to practice for education renewal and/or reform in P-20 schools. It also focuses on educator preparation to facilitate improved teaching and learning in schools, especially for under-served populations. The Center is committed to closing the gaps between research and practice, the university and the schools and in the achievement of minority/ majority students.

The Graduate Academic Services Center provides a comprehensive graduate experience beginning with recruiting prospective graduate students to providing student support for College of Education graduate students from program entry through graduation. The staff provides direct advisement for graduate students in several programs and provides pre-admission advisement for students in the College of Education.

The Instructional Resources Center (IRC) provides computer laboratories, portable multimedia equipment, and a variety of material resources and equipment for students and faculty. The IRC also provides technical and instructional assistance to College of Education faculty, staff, and students.