Graduate Academic Advisement


Georgia Southern University accepts the philosophy that faculty members should be involved in graduate student advisement whenever possible since they provide a necessary academic orientation to the process. It is important that the students have as much direct contact with faculty as possible, and advisement is a particularly individualized avenue of communication. Graduate students are assigned a graduate faculty advisor in their discipline area at the time of admission into a graduate program.

Definition of the Role of Graduate Advisors

Graduate advisors serve as resource persons, providing information about University graduate programs and institutional requirements. Advisors also serve as a link between students and the University community and refer them to areas of assistance. Advisors also mentor students in their development of self-direction and career pathways.

Guidance for Graduate Students

Upon acceptance in a graduate program, a graduate student will come under the guidance of an advisor who is assigned by the program at the time of admission. A thesis, supervisory, or dissertation committee will be established by the student in consultation with the advisor in those programs in which a thesis or dissertation is required. Proper guidance of graduate students is of primary importance and a major responsibility of the graduate advisors, graduate program directors, coordinators, and the graduate faculty.


When the student is notified of admission to the College of Graduate Studies, a graduate faculty member in the student's major field will be assigned as the advisor. A graduate student may request a change in advisor by contacting the Graduate Program Director of the program in writing. If the request is granted, the student will be notified in writing (email).

Graduate student advisors will assist in:

  • helping the student plan a program of study in keeping with the student's field and goals;
  • approving course selection;
  • reviewing and endorsing the Program of Study.

Students who are initially uncertain about their graduate program of study and graduate transient students may be advised by the College of Graduate Studies. International graduate students will be advised by a faculty advisor in their academic program. Graduate students with physical or developmental disabilities are encouraged to avail themselves of the services of the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC).