Continuous Enrollment Requirements

The College of Graduate Studies Continuous Enrollment policy states that: "All thesis or dissertation students who have registered at least once for courses titled thesis or dissertation must be continuously enrolled every semester thereafter, including the semester of graduation. Summer registration is not required unless summer is the graduation semester." Check with your major advisor to see if your college has a different, or additional, continuous enrollment requirement(s) that apply.

  • A grade of "IP" will be recorded for all dissertation credit hour work in progress, and will automatically be recorded each semester the student is enrolled.
  • The grade of "S" or "U" must be recorded for all dissertation credit hour when completed.
  • The advisor and/or major professor will report a final dissertation grade of "S" or "U". Any reported grade other than "S" or "U" will be changed to an "S" or "U" grade according to the following: REPORTED GRADE OF "A", "B", "C" = "S", "D", "F" = "U"
  • Upon completion of the dissertation requirements, final grades for preceding semester(s) will be changed to the appropriate grade.

Should a student not register each semester as required by the continuous enrollment policy, the student will be required to register in thesis or dissertation credit and pay tuition and fees for the missed registration semesters at the beginning of the semester the student resumes his/her study providing the student is eligible to return and resume registration.

A student who has been approved for a medical or a non-medical leave of absence is not required to be registered while under the approved leave period.