Degree Requirements

To be eligible to be awarded the degree, the student must successfully complete all degree requirements including the minimum number of credit hours required for the degree, successfully pass the comprehensive or terminal examination (if required), successfully defend the thesis (if required), have an approved program study on file in the College of Graduate Studies, must have applied for graduation by the graduation application deadline, and have satisfied all non-academic requirements cleared by the Office of the Registrar.

To be awarded a degree, the student

  1. must not be on academic probation;
  2. must defer to the individual program for cumulative graduate grade point average (GPA) requirements;
  3. must have an approved program of study or DegreeWorks audit on file in the College of Graduate Studies;
  4. must meet all the requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and the student's academic program area;
  5. have no grades of "I" or "IP" on the graduate transcript; and
  6. if enrolled in a program that requires a final comprehensive examination, exit assessment, thesis, and/or residency, satisfy requirements stipulated by the program.