Inactive Status

A student who does not enroll for one semester is considered inactive and must have their enrollment eligibility updated through the Graduate Admissions Office to be eligible to re-enroll in the same program in subsequent semesters. A student who does not matriculate for three or more consecutive semesters must re-apply to (and be accepted into) a graduate program before being considered for re-entry by the College of Graduate Studies. In order to be allowed to resume graduate studies, the student must meet all requirements for entry in force at the time of the new application. Inactive students who seek to regain active status will not, however, be required to recreate materials submitted with their original applications and held in their files by the College of Graduate Studies. If allowed to regain active status, the formerly inactive student will be subject to all requirements in force in his or her graduate program and in the College of Graduate Studies at the time the student returns to active status. Students re-accepted into the program and who are at the dissertation writing phase of their program will be required to pay for any and all missed semesters under the continuous enrollment policy.