Public Health M.P.H. (Concentration in Biostatistics)

Degree Requirements: 45 Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Public Health Core Courses
PUBH   5520GIntroduction to Public Health 2
PUBH   6532Environmental Health 3
PUBH   6533Epidemiology 3
PUBH   6534Health Policy and Management 3
PUBH   6535Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health 3
Biostatistics Courses
BIOS   6135Topics of Inference in Biostatistics I 3
BIOS   6136Topics of Inference in Biostatistics II 3
BIOS   6331Regression Analysis in Biostatistics 3
BIOS   6332Experimental Design in Biostatistics 3
BIOS   6531Categorical Data Analysis 3
BIOS   7231Clinical Trials Methodology 3
BIOS   7544Data Management for Biostatistics 4
Select one of the following guided electives:3
Selected Topics in Biostatistics
Survival Analysis
Multivariate Analysis in Biostatistics
Statistical Issues in Drug Development
Data Analysis with SAS
Practicum and Culminating Experience
PUBH   7530Integrated Capstone Experience3
PUBH   7790Practicum in Public Health 3
Total Credit Hours45


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