Public Health Dr.P.H. (Concentration in Epidemiology)

Degree Requirements: 60 Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Public Health Core Courses
PHLD   9131Leadership Foundations and Strategies for Health Organizations 3
PHLD   9333Health Organization Strategic and Contingency Planning 3
PUBH   7132Scientific Basis of Public Health3
PUBH   9132Public Health Perspectives in Community-Based and Translational Research3
PUBH   9134Professionalism and Ethics in Public Health Practice3
Required Concentration Specific Courses
BIOS   6531Categorical Data Analysis 3
BIOS   7131Survival Analysis 3
EPID   8230Observational Study Design and Analysis3
EPID   8130Field Methods in Epidemiology3
EPID   9131Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases of Direct Transmission3
EPID   9231Chronic Disease Epidemiology3
EPID   9234Interventional Epidemiology3
PUBH   8133Advanced Epidemiology3
Must take 9 hours of Advisor Approved Electives9
Doctoral Public Health Field Practicum
PUBH   9790Doctoral Preceptorship in Public Health 3
Note: 300 Hours of field experience under the joint direction of a public health faculty member and a qualified specialist working in the area of concentration.
PUBH   9999Dissertation 9
Total Credit Hours60


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