Public Health Dr.P.H. (Concentration in Community Health Behavior and Education)

Degree Requirements: 60 Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Public Health Core Courses
PHLD   9131Leadership Foundations and Strategies for Health Organizations 3
PHLD   9333Health Organization Strategic and Contingency Planning 3
PUBH   7132Scientific Basis of Public Health3
PUBH   9132Public Health Perspectives in Community-Based and Translational Research3
PUBH   9134Professionalism and Ethics in Public Health Practice3
Required Concentration Specific Courses
CHBE   9130Research Methods in Community and Behavioral Health 3
CHBE   9230Community-Based Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation 3
CHBE   9235Communication and Advocacy 3
CHBE   9331Health Disparities and the Rural Underserved 3
CHBE   9335Global Health and Preparedness 3
CHBE   9630Doctoral Seminar in Community Health 3
PUBH   8136Theoretical Perspectives of the Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health 3
PUBH   9630Public Health Doctoral Seminar 3
Must take 9 hours of Advisor Approved Electives9
Doctoral Public Health Field Practicum
PUBH   9790Doctoral Preceptorship in Public Health 3
Note: 300 hours of field experience under the joint direction of a public health faculty member and a qualified specialist working in the area of concentration.
PUBH   9999Dissertation 9
Total Credit Hours60


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