Public Health M.P.H. (Concentration in Health Policy and Management)

Degree Requirements: 45 Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Public Health Core Courses
PUBH   5520GIntroduction to Public Health 2
PUBH   6532Environmental Health 3
PUBH   6533Epidemiology 3
PUBH   6534Health Policy and Management 3
PUBH   6535Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health 3
PUBH   6541Biostatistics 4
Health Policy and Management Courses
HSPM   7133Public Health Policy and Ethics 3
HSPM   7135Public Health Policy Development and Evaluation 3
HSPM   7230Health Leadership and Strategic Planning 3
HSPM   7232Public Health Finance 3
HSPM   7235Healthcare Law and Ethics3
HSPM   7236Health Informatics 3
Guided Electives3
Practicum and Culminating Experience
PUBH   7530Integrated Capstone Experience3
PUBH   7790Practicum in Public Health 3
Total Credit Hours45


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