Applied Statistics Certificate

Certificate Requirements: 12 Credit Hours

Participation in the Certificate Program is open to any qualified, degree-seeking graduate student at Georgia Southern University. Students currently enrolled in a degree program must first apply and be admitted to the Certificate program. As permitted by their degree program, students may apply coursework to both the certificate program and their degree. It is not required that the certificate and degree be completed simultaneously; however, students must be enrolled to take classes and the seven-year limitation on the application of prior coursework to either the degree or the certificate must be satisfied. Upon recommendation of the Graduate Program Director and approval from the College of Graduate Studies, credit earned in a certificate program may be applied to a graduate degree program.

Finally, students seeking only the Graduate Certificate or the Graduate Certificate independent of another degree program, may be admitted by the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) under a Non-Degree Certificate admission status. Admission as Non-Degree Certificate does not guarantee subsequent admission to a graduate degree program. Applying to a graduate program is a separate process and different criteria must be met. Certificate program admissions decisions are based on applicants’ prior academic work and other factors that indicate their potential for program success and enrichment of the learning environment. Upon recommendation of the graduate program director and approval of the College of Graduate Studies, a maximum of six (6) credits earned before the student entered the certificate program may be applied to that program. 

The minimum grade requirements for the graduate certificate are the same as those for graduate degrees. For graduate credit, the grade in a course must be "C" or higher. To remain in good standing, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. To be awarded a graduate certificate, students:

  1. must not be on probation;
  2. must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on graduate coursework and on coursework applied to the certificate;
  3. must meet all the requirements of COGS and the student's certificate program; and
  4. must be enrolled during the semester in which the certificate requirements are completed.

Program of Study

Credit Hours
Calculus II
Statistics Requirements 112
Statistical Methods I
Statistical Methods I
Mathematical Statistics I
Select two additional courses from those below with the approval of a statistics advisor:
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Applied Nonparametric Statistics
Applied Regression Analysis
Design of Experiments I
Mathematical Statistics II
Total Credit Hours12