Master of Health Administration M.H.A.

Degree Requirements: 52 Credit Hours

Policies, Requirements and Standards

The objective of the Master of Health Administration degree is to provide the student with mastery of the knowledge and skills for the effective administration of health service organizations across the continuum of care. Specifically, the student will understand the basic organizational, financial, legal, and managerial components of health services as they relate to a dynamic and evolving healthcare delivery system.

Criminal Background Checks

Clinical agencies utilized by the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology and Program in Health Administration may require criminal background checks and/or drug testing prior to acceptance of the student into clinical facilities. Students who do not pass the criminal background check and/or drug test may be unable to initiate/complete the applied learning experience. Any fees or cost associated with background checks and/or drug testing is the responsibility of the student.

Admission Requirements

For consideration of admission to the MHA program, the applicant must have completed an application for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at Georgia Southern University, submitted official copies of all academic transcripts related to undergraduate and graduate coursework at the time of program application, submitted official GRE or GMAT scores, prepared a formal Letter of Intent and submitted an updated professional/personal resume, detailing educational and work experiences for a period of not less than three (3) years from the time of application. The applicant must also have satisfactorily completed requirements for the baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution, and must also score a minimum of 70 out of 110 possible points according to the following formula (NOTE: Scoring the minimum required DOES NOT GUARANTEE acceptance to the MHA program, only CONSIDERATION for admission): 

  1. Cumulative undergraduate GPA multiplied times 10 (max 40 points)
  2. Verbal + Quantitative GRE scores divided by 25 (max 50 points) (See note under Admissions Examinations about using revised GRE scores after August 1, 2011)
    Verbal + Quantitative GMAT scores divided by 12.5 (max 50 points)
  3. Number of years of related management/administrative/clinical experience multiplied times 5 (max 20 points)

Add 1-3 together to get formula score

Total possible score  = 110

Minimum score for admission consideration = 70

Note: In lieu of the above GRE/GMAT requirements, and earned doctorate or masters from a regionally-accredited institution may qualify the student for regular admission.

At the discretion of the MHA program coordinator, the MHA program reserves the right to waive the GRE/GMAT requirements if EITHER of the following criteria are met by a prospective applicant:

Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.2 AND minimum years of relevant experience: 3 or more (preference for health-related experience)
Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.5 AND minimum years of relevant experience: 2 or more (preference for health-related experience).

Standards of Progression and Graduation

A. All degree requirements must be completed within seven years.
B. Students are encouraged to apply for graduation two semesters before the anticipated date of graduation. Note: A copy of the official program of study must accompany the candidate's application.

Course Requirements

Credit Hours
HADM   6100U.S. Healthcare Systems3
HADM   6150Organization Theory / Organizational Behavior in Health Care3
HADM   6200Quantitative Analysis Methods for Healthcare Management I3
HADM   6250Healthcare Economics3
HADM   6300Healthcare Financial Management I3
HADM   6350Legal Environment of Health Care3
HADM   6400Fundamentals of Population Health Management3
HADM   6425Health Information Systems Management3
HADM   6450Human Resources Management in Healthcare3
HADM   6500Quality Management Methods in Healthcare3
HADM   6600MHA Professional Seminar I1
HADM   7200Quantitative Analysis Methods for Healthcare Management II3
HADM   7250Health Politics and Policy3
HADM   7300Healthcare Financial Management II3
HADM   7500Strategic Management and Marketing Healthcare Organizations3
HADM   7550MHA Capstone Project3
HADM   7600Ethics and Leadership in Health Administration3
HADM   7700MHA Internship / Residency3
or HADM   7725 MHA Practicum
Total Credit Hours52