Transfer Credit

A graduate student may transfer graduate credit from a regionally accredited institution. Additionally, graduate credit from the American Council of Education (ACE) for National Board Certification may be accepted for elective credit hour(s) in a Master's or Education Specialist's program of study. Up to nine (9)1 transferred credit hours (unless otherwise noted by the program of study) may apply toward a Master's or Education Specialist's degree provided the following are met:

  • The institution offers the graduate degree program for which the student has been admitted at Georgia Southern University. (Not required for transfer of ACE transcript credit.)
  • An official transcript is sent directly to the College of Graduate Studies from the institution in which the graduate work was taken.
  • The credit earned must be less than seven (7) years prior to the date of completion of the graduate degree.
  • The student's advisor or major professor has to approve the transfer credit as a part of the student's approved program of study.
  • A student pursuing a graduate degree at Georgia Southern University who plans to take graduate courses at another institution as a transient student must complete a Graduate Student Transient Permission Form, which must be approved by the advisor or major professor and the College of Graduate Studies prior to enrolling in the transient courses. This procedure insures that courses taken as a transient student at another institution will constitute a part of the planned program of study. Students who take courses without prior approval are doing so with the possibility that the course may not count in the degree program.
  • A degree candidate may not graduate at the end of a term in which he/she is enrolled as a transient student at another institution. The student, upon request, will be furnished a statement that all requirements for the degree have been completed when the said requirements have been satisfied.
  • No grade lower than a "B" in a course earned at another institution may be accepted in transfer to count toward a graduate degree at Georgia Southern University.