Graduate Degree Program Directors/Coordinators

The Graduate Program Director (GPD) in an academic unit is a faculty member appointed by the unit administrator (Chair) to administer its graduate program(s). The GPD makes recommendations for program elements such as admission, provides approval for Programs of Study, handles student appeals, and coordinates Thesis and Dissertation committees. It is the GPD’s responsibility to coordinate the department’s program with the COGS. The GPD receives all inquiries, applications, announcements, and requests for data and information relative to the academic program(s), and communicates COGS policies and actions to program faculty and graduate students. Graduate Program Directors are expected to be knowledgeable of degree requirements, Graduate School regulations and procedures, and the general organization of the University as it affects graduate students. The specific duties of the GPDs include:

  • processing and evaluation of applications;
  • transmitting to the Office of Graduate Admissions the program’s recommendation on student applications for admission;
  • notifying the COGS of the student’s progress towards the degree (exams, etc.);
  • approving students' Programs of Study in DegreeWorks;
  • maintaining unit files on prospective, present and past students;
  • providing department endorsement of requested exceptions to University policy;
  • attendance and participation in COGS Program Director meetings and functions; and
  • reviewing student appeals regarding academic program matters.