Graduate Final Comprehensive Examination

A final oral examination or a comprehensive written examination or both may be required for a degree. The examination will be administered after the student has completed the program of study and other requirements or in the semester in which the candidate intends to complete them. Examinations may take the form of a defense of the thesis, an interpretation of other scholarly work, a portfolio of the student’s work, or a test of the student’s understanding of the field. The academic unit determines the format of the examination and, along with the supervisory committee for programs requiring a thesis, is responsible for its administration. The Department Chair, Graduate Program Director, or major professor is responsible for reporting the results of the examination and/or thesis defense to the College of Graduate Studies on the Report on Comprehensive Examination/Thesis Defense Form. Normally, final oral examinations will be given on the Statesboro campus. Exceptions can be made if requested by the student, recommended by the supervisory committee, and approved by the Department Chair or Graduate Program Director, and the College of Graduate Studies. In the case of an examination in which the participants are not all in the same location, any technology used to conduct the examination must support simultaneous oral interaction between the student and all members of the examining committee. Copies of the questions for all final written examinations must be filed with the academic unit. In the case of a candidate writing a thesis, the examination cannot be scheduled until the thesis committee certifies that a satisfactory copy of the thesis has been presented. Final examinations must be scheduled by the academic calendar deadlines for examinations and/or theses defenses and final submissions for the semester during which graduation is expected.