Program of Study

Every degree seeking student who began the degree program prior to Fall 2010 must file with the College of Graduate Studies a Program of Study, a formal list of the courses the student intends to take to fulfill the requirements of the degree. The program of study should consist solely of courses directly related to the degree. Undergraduate courses may not be included on the Program of Study. Students in a degree program in which the requirements are the same as those under the 2010 - 2011 catalog should use DegreeWorks to document the degree completion. DegreeWorks approval is required by the Advisor as part of the requirements for graduation. A predefined note should be posted on the student's DegreeWorks audit stating approval.

The Program of Study must be submitted by the student and signed by the Advisor, and Graduate Program Director or Department Chair before being submitted to the College of Graduate Studies for final approval. The POS must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies not later than the end of the semester proceeding the expected graduation semester. Subsequent changes in the program will be submitted on an Amended Program of Study form or by filing a revised Program of Study that is signed by all persons as stated above. A revised Program of Study must be approved by the College of Graduate Studies before graduation.