Registration Policies

After you have been admitted as a graduate student, you will be assigned an advisor who can assist you in selecting appropriate courses. Prior to course registration, all students should and are encouraged to communicate with their advisor.

Registration is held at the beginning of each semester, including summer. The early registration period for each semester is posted on the university academic calendar. Students are encouraged to register early.

All registration may be completed on-line through the MyGeorgiaSouthern portal on the Georgia Southern University home page. To register on-line, you must have current admission eligibility and must have a Registration Access Number (RAN) for each semester. Graduate students may access their RAN through their MyGeorgiaSouthern homepage.

Certain programs may not permit on-line registration or may require that the student contact his/her advisor prior to on-line registration.

Registration and RANs

Graduate students are allowed to register on Georgia Southern University’s web system, WINGS (Web Interactive Network for Georgia Southern), each semester. In WINGS, the student will click on "Student", then "Registration", then click on "Check Your Registration Status, Time Slot and More."

Before any student at Georgia Southern University registers for classes on WINGS, he/she must have a RAN. Graduate students will get their RAN from their MyGeorgiaSouthern account. Graduate transient students will also get their RAN from their MyGeorgiaSouthern account.

Registration for Continuing, New and Readmitted Students

Early registration begins on the date stated in the academic calendar at the front of this catalog or the academic calendar at the College of Graduate Studies Website or the Georgia Southern University Office of the Registrar's Website.

To receive credit for a course, a student must be officially registered. Official registration includes registering and paying the appropriate tuition and fees.