Dining Plans

Eagle Blue 7-day all access to the Dining Commons (Lakeside DC or The Galley DC) / 100 Dining Dollar$ / Five (5) Guest Passes $1725.00/semester1
Eagle Gold 7-day all access to the Dining Commons, Lakeside DC or The Galley / 300 Dining Dollars / Eight (8) Guest Passes $1875.00/semester1

Freshmen living on campus are required to have an Eagle Blue or Gold Dining Plan, and information about this requirement is included on the University Housing contract. Please read and understand this information before signing your housing contract. Freshmen may choose either of the Dining Plans for the duration of their first two semesters on campus. Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations on campus, GUS Mart locations and concessions. Guest Passes may only be used at Residential Dining locations.