Student Affairs

Dean of Students Office

Our team finds pleasure in interacting with students on campus, and we are enthusiastic about assisting the University in providing an environment that is conducive to learning and personal development. As a unit of the Division of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students Office upholds the values of the division by putting STUDENTS FIRST. We pride ourselves on service to students, and are committed to fostering the type of environment that is characterized by collegiality, civility, safety, free-expression, and respect, regardless of differences. The Dean of Students Office works collaboratively with other offices on campus to enhance the quality of student life.

Our Mission

The Dean of Students Office serves the University community through student-focused support, strategic partnerships, and institution-wide education. The office supports the vision of the division of Students Affairs by engaging students in experiences that transform lives and support the realization of their potential.

The office accomplishes its mission by assisting students with voluntary withdrawals, sending notifications to faculty in the event of extenuating circumstances, illness and/or injury and communicating with students through Messages from the Dean and Campus Alerts. The Dean of Students Office believes that it is essential that issues and challenges confronting students be identified. Through both the "Talk With the Dean" presentations and one-on-one appointments, the Dean of Students Office meets with students to discuss and identify student concerns so that the University may serve them more efficiently and effectively. For more information, please visit our website at