Consolidation GPA Renewal Policy

Applying for Consolidation GPA Renewal 

Part I

  • Only undergraduate students who were adversely affected by the consolidation of the two universities can submit an appeal for Consolidated GPA Renewal status;

  • Georgia Southern University shall establish specific evaluative criteria and procedures for appeal evaluation, approval, and denial for Consolidation GPA Renewal.  These procedures are subject to change;

  • The home institution of the student will be used to determine if the appeal is approved or denied;

  • A student can be approved for Consolidation GPA Renewal status only one time.

Part II

  • If the student’s appeal is approved, the updated Consolidation Renewal GPA becomes the total institutional GPA;
  • The new total institutional GPA will be used for determining academic standing and eligibility for graduation;
  • Graduation with honors will be based on the overall GPA as defined in the policies for determining graduation with honors.  All previous grades, including any omitted to recalculate the total institutional GPA due to an approved Consolidation GPA Renewal appeal will be used in determining honors;
  • Courses taken after the consolidation (Fall 2018) are ineligible for consideration for Consolidation GPA Renewal.

Part III

  • Academic credit for previously completed coursework will be retained only for courses in which a grade of A, B, C or D has been earned;
  • Retained grades may not be calculated in the total institutional GPA.  Such credit is considered in the same context as transfer credit, credit by examination, and courses with grades of “S”;
  • Courses with grades of F or WF must be repeated at the consolidated institution if they are required for the student’s degree requirements;
  • Applicability of retained credit to degree requirements will be determined by the degree requirements in effect for the students major and catalog year.  Specific institutional program regulations must also be met.

Part IV

  • Repeated courses will adhere to the consolidated institution’s repeat policy;
  • Any scholastic suspensions that occurred in the past shall remain recorded on the student’s permanent record;
  • All previously attempted coursework from Armstrong State University and Georgia Southern University prior to the consolidation will continue to be recorded on the student’s official transcript;
  • The approval of Consolidation GPA Renewal does not supersede financial aid policies;
  • The approval of Consolidation GPA Renewal does not supersede the admissions requirements of certain programs, e.g., teacher education and nursing, which require a specific minimum grade point average based upon all coursework;
  • Consolidation GPA Renewal status approved by Georgia Southern University shall be honored at all other USG institutions.

If you would like to appeal, please submit the Consolidation GPA Renewal form to the Office of the Registrar.