Academic Alerts

Georgia Southern faculty submit academic alerts for all students in areas A-E of the core curriculum and in other courses designated by their departments. Academic alerts are initial indications that students are not doing satisfactory work in one of several categories (grades, attendance, participation, missed assignments, or some combination of categories).

Academic alerts pop-up in students’ MyGeorgiaSouthern portal shortly after faculty submit them, which generally occurs during the first half of the semester.  For classes in which faculty submit academic alerts, they will assign “no alert/satisfactory” to students who have not merited an academic alert at the end of the seventh week of classes during the fall and spring semesters. Students can view a record of the last academic alert a faculty member submits for them in WINGS (select “Student,” then “Student Records” and finally “Academic Alerts”).

Students who receive academic alerts are advised to seek the counsel of their instructor and academic advisor to develop a plan for success. For more specific recommendations, see