Policy for Limiting Individual Course Withdrawals

Undergraduates may withdraw from a maximum of six (6) courses for their entire enrollment at the University. Students who have reached their maximum number of withdrawals may elect to receive a "withdrawal-failing" (WF) grade in the course, which is calculated as an "F" for GPA purposes. A student who attempts to withdraw from a course beyond the limit without special permission from the dean of his or her college will continue to be enrolled in the course and will receive a grade at the end of the semester.

Only withdrawals incurred at Georgia Southern count toward the maximum number of withdrawals. Withdrawals incurred prior to the implementation date (Fall 2018) will not count toward students' number of allowed withdrawals. Transfer students, irrespective of their classification upon enrolling at Georgia Southern, are also limited to six withdrawals at Georgia Southern.

Automatic exceptions are as follows:

  • Withdrawals are automatically exempt from the maximum number of withdrawals when students withdraw from all classes for hardship, military or personal reasons that are documented and approved.
  • Linked lecture-lab courses will count as a single course withdrawal.

Petitions for exception based on other circumstances are heard in the following manner:

  • Once the withdrawal limit is reached, students will only be allowed to withdraw from an individual course or courses for extenuating circumstances beyond their control. To withdraw without penalty in these cases, students must appeal in writing to the dean (or the dean's designee) of their academic college (not necessarily the college in which the course is taught). Appeals for individual withdrawals are not heard unless the student has already reached the maximum number of withdrawals allowed.