S/U Grading Options

Students may select the S/U grading option under the following conditions:

  1. Student must have earned 67 semester credit hours prior to enrolling in any course for S/U grading;
  2. Student must be in good academic standing;
  3. Student must have declared a major;
  4. S/U grading will be permitted only in courses being used to satisfy the free elective or minor requirements of the individual student’s degree program. A maximum of three credit hours will be allowed for any minor. The option applies only to undergraduate courses;
  5. Student may not change from S/U grading status to letter grade status or vice versa after the last day of Drop/Add.

Under the S/U grading option, the course content and requirements are the same for S/U registrants as for regular registrants. The minimum performance for an “S” grade is equivalent to the minimum performance for the letter grade “D”.

A student electing the S/U grading option must obtain approval from the student’s advisor. The advisor giving such approval should submit an email specifying this approval to the Registrar’s Office.