Proficiency Exams

Georgia Southern also offers the student an opportunity to obtain credit by local proficiency examination. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Undergraduate student eligibility must be determined by the Office of the Registrar.
  2. After obtaining the proper form from the Office of the Registrar, the student petitions the department head of the subject area for an examination covering a particular course listed in the catalog.
  3. The student and the examiner will decide the date and time of the examination.
  4. If the petition is approved, the student must pay a test fee of $15 per test to the Cashier’s Office in Deal Hall. A receipt will be issued which will allow the student to take the test. The receipt must be attached to the Proficiency Exam Form.
  5. Credit obtained by the proficiency examination will be considered as transfer credit.
  6. The proficiency exam score must be at least a “C” to award credit by exam. The Office of the Registrar will enter a grade of “KT” on the student’s academic record showing credit hours were earned by proficiency examination, upon receiving the documents from the department. This credit will be listed as transfer credit.