Computer Science B.S.

Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
General Requirements (Core Areas A-E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
CSCI   1301Programming Principles I 4
CSCI   1302Programming Principles II3
CSCI   2120Computers, Ethics and Society 2
MATH   2130Discrete Mathematics3
MATH   2160Linear Algebra3
MATH   2242Calculus II 13
Specific Requirements
Foreign Language - 2001 or higher OR International Content Course3
Select one of the following Second Lab Science sequence courses: (first course in sequence assumed taken in Area D)4
Principles of Biology II
and Principles of Biology Laboratory II
Principles of Chemistry II
General Historical Geology
Introductory Physics II
Principles of Physics II
Major Requirements 33
Data Structures
Systems Software
and Intro To Operating Systems
C++ Programming
Theoretical Foundations
Database Systems
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Computer Architecture
Data Communications and Networking
Object-Oriented Design
Computer Security
Distributed Web Systems Design
Software Engineering
Select three of the following elective courses:9
Logic Circuits and Microprocessors (OR other approved 3000-level electives)
Logic Circuit Design
Comparative Languages
Data Warehouse Design
High Performance Computing
Game Programming
Machine Learning
Numerical Analysis
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Broadband Networks
Optical Networks
Selected Topics in Computer Science
Discrete Simulation
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics
Systems and Software Assurance
Network Management Systems
Carryover from Area A2 and Area F1
Select 6-9 credit hours of Electives6-9
Total Credit Hours124


Students can earn certificates in one or more of the following areas by completing the course requirements shown below:

Credit Hours
Broadband and Mobile Systems Certificate
Select three of the following:9
Broadband Networks
Optical Networks
Selected Topics in Computer Science (Requires approval by the CS Chair)
Network Management Systems
Wireless and Mobile Systems
Network and Computer Security Certificate
(Complete any three courses)9
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Selected Topics in Computer Science (Requires approval by CS Chair)
Systems and Software Assurance
Network Management Systems
Game Programming Certificate
CSCI   4439Game Programming 3
Select two of the following:6
Human Computer Interaction
Selected Topics in Computer Science (Requires approval by the CS Chair)
Computer Graphics
Software Engineering Certificate
(Complete any three courses)9
Human Computer Interaction
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Selected Topics in Computer Science ((Requires approval of the CS Chair))
Distributed Web Systems Design
Systems and Software Assurance

In addition to completing the course requirements for a certificate, in order to receive a certificate, it is necessary to complete the B.S. in Computer Sciences degree program.

Other Program Requirements

A minimum grade of “C” is required for each CSCI course taken in the major. This applies to all courses (lower and upper division).

Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (ABM)

Degree Requirements: 30 Credit Hours

Admission Requirements

Regular Admission

For regular admission to the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s of Science in Computer Science (ABM-MSCS) degree program, the applicant must have:

  1. Enrollment as a current Georgia Southern undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science.
  2. Between 75 and 95 (inclusive) credit hours completed in the undergraduate program; including the courses MATH 1441, MATH 2130, MATH 2242, CSCI 1301, CSCI 1302, CSCI 3230 and CSCI 3236, each with a grade of C or better.
  3. A 3.0 (4.0 scale) cumulative GPA or higher in undergraduate coursework.
  4. A 3.0 (4.0 scale) GPA in computer science undergraduate coursework.

Provisional Admission

A student may be granted provisional admission based upon the recommendation of the Master of Science in Computer Science Graduate Coordinator or department chair.

Program of Study 

  Students admitted into the ABM program will register for the graduate section of Algorithm Design and Analysis (CSCI 5330G) instead of the undergraduate section (CSCI 5330).  CSCI 5330G will count in the place of CSCI 7432, Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures, reducing the number of graduate hours needed for graduation from 30 to 27.


Statesboro: CoEC Student Services Center, IT Building 1208, PO Box 7996, 912-478-4877

Armstrong: Student Success Center 128, 912-344-2590