Computer Engineering B.S.Cp.E.

Degree Requirements: 130 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
General Requirements (Core Areas A-E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area - F Courses Appropriate to Major
CHEM   1310Comprehensive General Chemistry4
CSCI   1301Programming Principles I 4
ENGR   1731Computing for Engineers 3
ENGR   1732Program Design for Engineers 3
PHYS   2212KPrinciples of Physics II4
Carryover from Area A21
Specific Requirements
Carryover from Area D1
CSCI   1302Programming Principles II 3
ENGR   2341Introduction to Signal Processing w/Lab 4
MATH   2130Discrete Mathematics 3
MATH   3230Ordinary Differential Equations 3
WRIT   2130Technical Communication 3
Major Requirements
CSCI   3230Data Structures 3
CSCI   3232Systems Software 3
CSCI   3432Database Systems 3
EENG   3345Circuit Analysis II w/Lab4
EENG   3340Microcontrollers with Lab 4
EENG   3341Microelectronics with Lab4
EENG   3421Advanced Engineering Analysis 2
EENG   4620Senior Project I 2
EENG   4621Senior Project II 2
EENG   5342Computer Systems Design with Lab 4
ENGR   2323Digital Design Lab 2
ENGR   2332Introduction to Computer Engineering 3
ENGR   2334Circuit Analysis3
Select at least 6 credit hours from 5000+ level technical electives from EENG, CSCI, or IT6
EENG   4890Directed Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1-3
EENG   5090Selected Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1-4
EENG   5243Power Electronics with Lab 4
EENG   5330Network Science3
EENG   5341Robotic Systems Design with Lab 4
EENG   5538Cybersecurity for Networked Electrical and Electronics Systems3
EENG   5891Special Problems in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1-3
Free Electrive
Select 3 credit hours of Free Electives3
Total Credit Hours130

Other Program Requirements

  • At least 33 credit hours of approved upper division Engineering credits must be earned at Georgia Southern.
  • A grade of "C" or better is required on all ENGR, CSCI, and EENG courses and their corresponding co-requisites and pre-requisites.

Honors in Computer Engineering

To graduate with Honors in Computer Engineering a student should:

  • Be admitted to the University Honors Program
  • Complete a capstone project in  EENG   4620 or EENG   4621
  • Maintain a 3.3 institutional grade point average, including a 3.5 minimum GPA in all major courses applied towards graduation


CEC Office of Student Services, Room 1208, Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing, Telephone: (912) 478-4877.