Art (History) Minor


Chair, BFSDoArt
Center for Art & Theatre
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Minor Program

*Armstrong Campus

Credit Hours
ART   10202D Art and Design Foundations (If not taken in the CORE)3
or ART   1030 3D Art and Design Foundations
ARTH   2531Art History I (If not taken in the CORE)3
ARTH   2532Art History II (If not taken in the CORE)3
ARTH   4531Contemporary Art 3
ARTH   4891Special Topics in Art History (six credit hours)6
Total Credit Hours15-18

*Statesboro Campus

Credit Hours
ARTH   2531Art History I 3
ARTH   2532Art History II 3
ARTH - Three Upper-Division Art History courses (selected in consultation with an Art Advisor)9
Total Credit Hours15