Art Minor


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Center for Art & Theatre
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Minor Program

Credit Hours
ART   10202D Art and Design Foundations (if not taken in the Core)3
or ART   1030 3D Art and Design Foundations
Art History I (if not taken in the Core)
Art History II (if not taken in the Core)
One lower-division studio art course taken from3
Intro to Darkroom Photography
Intro to Graphic Design
New Media Design
Nine semester hours of upper-division art courses from the following art studio and/or art history areas from the following list:9
Selected Topics in Art
Advanced Graphic Design
Intermediate Darkroom Photogra
Packaging Design
Visual Design on the Web
Pottery Wheel Techniques
Ceramic Sculpture
Introduction to Printmaking
Fabric Design
Figure Sculpture
Fiber Sculpture
Intro to Digital Photography
20th Century Art
Contemporary Art
Special Topics in Art History
Total Credit Hours15