Spanish for the Professions Certificate


Chair, Department of Foreign Languages
Forest Drive Building
Room 1302
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Certificate Requirements: 12 Credit Hours

The Certificate in Spanish for the Professions provides students with precise language skills for designated professional purposes, such as business, healthcare, and translation, and increases their intercultural competencies to be prepared for success in a global economy. Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to identify essential similarities and differences among Hispanic cultures in their respective fields; understand and produce intermediate to advanced conversation using vocabulary related to professional fields; interpret complex texts in Spanish; and present information related to their fields in Spanish in both written and oral formats.


Credit Hours
SPAN   1001Elementary Spanish I 3
SPAN   1002Elementary Spanish II 3
SPAN   2001Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN   2002Intermediate Spanish II (or equivalent)3
or SPAN   2050 Spanish For Health Care Sys
or SPAN   2060 Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
Total Credit Hours0-12

Program of Study

Credit Hours
Select one of the following: 13
Advanced Grammar & Syntax
Adv Gram/Syn-Heritage Speaker
Applied Speaking Skills I
Critical Reading and Writing I
Select two of the following: 16
Introduction to Spanish for the Professions
Business Spanish
Advanced Spanish for Heath Care Professionals
Spanish for Police and Probation Officers
Advanced Spanish for the Professions
Foundations of Translation
Additional Requirements
Select one SPAN course at the 3000 level or above 13
Total Credit Hours12