European Union Studies Certificate

Certificate Requirements:  15 Credit Hours

The European Union Studies Certificate provides an in-depth study of the European Union (EU) and its relationship with the United States and other nations. It is a collaborative program of Georgia Southern University and the European Union Studies Program of the University System of Georgia. The program offers a common curriculum open to all university system institutions.

Note: A 3.0 GPA in certificate courses is required.

Credit Hours
Select one of the following:
EURO   3234Introduction to the European Union 3
or POLS   3234 Introduction to the European Union
Select nine credit hours from the following multidisciplinary list
Each course must have at least a 25% EU component. One course must have the European Union (EURO) prefix.
BIOL   3100People and the Environment3
ECON   3100Multinational Econ Enterprises3
ECON   3132International Trade 3
ECON   4337Environmental Economics 3
HIST   3338Contemporary Europe 3
HIST   3431Modern Britain: 1485 to the Present 3
HIST   3432Modern Germany3
HIST   3434Modern European Thought 3
HIST   3533Modern East Central Europe3
HIST   4335Women and Gender in Europe3
HIST   5339Britain and the World 3
HIST   5430Modern France and French Society in Global Context3
HIST   5533Economic Rivals: US-UK-Japan3
POLS   3340Pol & Ideol/Contemporary Euro3
EURO   3990Topics In European Union Studies3
EURO   4130European Law and Legal Systems 3
EURO   4160Federalism and Multilevel Governance in the EU3
EURO   4230Doing Business in the European Union and United States 3
EURO   4260European Monetary Union3
EURO   4330Science and Technology Policy 3
EURO   4430EU Environmental Policy3
EURO   4530European Social Policy3
EURO   4630EU Communications and Media3
EURO   4730EU Foreign Policy3
EURO   4760US-EU Relations3
Capstone Seminar:
EURO   4500Seminar in Euro Union Studies3
or EURO   4830 EU Studies Capstone Course
Total Credit Hours15

Admission Requirements 

A certificate in EU Studies can be taken in tandem with a formal degree program. Students from all academic majors are eligible to participate as long as they possess a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. A student may formally apply to enroll in the program after successful completion of the following:


Armstrong Campus
Academic Advisement Center
Room 125
(912) 344-2673

Statesboro Campus
Interdisciplinary Academic Building
Room 1048
(912) 478-0248