Digital Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
HIST   3231Introduction to Public History3
HUMN   3431Digital Humanities3
HUMN   4631Capstone Project for Digital Humanities3
Select 6 credit hours from the following (can choose within an area sequence or may pick from any of the listed courses, provided the prerequisite course is satisfied):6
Drawing I
2D Art and Design Foundations
3D Art and Design Foundations
Digital Art and Design Foundations
Animation I
Digital Dimensions
Typography I
Visual Thinking in Graphic Design
Design Theory I
Photographic Imaging I
Print, Paper, Book Arts: Introduction
Animation II
New Media Design
Photographic Imaging II
Video & Motion Graphics
Installation & Interactivity
Media and Society
International Media Systems
Digital Media Entrepreneurship
Contemporary Communication Application
Intro to PR
Documentary Film
Digital Humanities Internship
Multi-Camera Production
Introduction to Media Writing
Audio Production and Sound Design
Selected Multimedia Topics
Studio Production
Digital Media Post Production
Introduction to Journalism
Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism
Digital Journalism
STEM Journalism
Technology in Music
Recording Studio Techniques
Digital Audio Workstations
Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting
Stage Design Concepts
Students completing the Digital Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor will develop a portfolio that showcases their work in the field. Some classes have prerequisites. check with the relevant department.
Total Credit Hours15


Department of History
Interdisciplinary Academic Building 3007