Culture and Society Concentration

Concentration Program

The concentration in Culture and Society requires a total of 18 hours.

This concentration is ONLY available for students who have as their major the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies or the Online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Credit Hours
Choose 18 hours from the following courses for which the prerequisites have been met:
Introduction to Africa and Its Diaspora
Selected Topics Anthropology
Southeastern Prehistory
European Cultures
Native Peoples of North America
Linguistic Anthropology
Frameworks for Anthropology
Ethnographic Methods
Anthropology of Language and Gender
Arabic Culture
American Art
African American Art History
Medieval Art & Architecture
Italian Renaissance Art
Baroque Art
19th Century Art
Modern Art
Art Theory and Criticism
Post-Modern Art
Environmental Art
Media Ethics
History of Mass Communication
Small Group Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Performance Studies
Rhetorical Criticism
Political Communication
Performance, Culture, Communication
Rhetoric of Social Movements
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Popular Culture and Justice
History of Cinema
Introduction to Public History
The United States in the 1960s
Advertising and Culture
The American City
Jazz History
Southern Politics
Social Change
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Community
Sociology of Religion
Social Movements
Sociology of Organizations
Self and Society
Sport, Culture, and Society
Comic Books, Culture, and Composition
Revision, Grammar and Culture
Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture
Total Credit Hours18


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