Digital Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor


Credit Hours
ART   1536Animation I3
ART   2335Photographic Imaging I3
COMM   2332Media and Society 3
THEA   2333Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting3
Total Credit Hours12

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Minor Program
Introduction to Public History
Digital Humanities
Capstone Project for Digital Humanities
Select 6 credit hours from the following (can choose within an area sequence or may pick from any of the listed courses, provided the prerequisite course is satisfied):15
Drawing I
2D Art and Design Foundations
3D Art and Design Foundations
Animation II
Video & Motion Graphics
Installation & Interactivity
Photograhic Imaging II
Digital Dimensions
Contemporary Communication Application
Documentary Film
Digital Humanities Internship
Students completing the Digital Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor will develop a portfolio that showcases their work in the field.
Total Credit Hours15