Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program:  15 Credit Hours

Credit Hours
Nine credit hours must be 3000 level or above. At least nine credit hours must be from a discipline other than your major.9
Select at least two science courses from this list:
(Cannot be used to fulfill Core Area D requirement.)
Concepts of Biology
Principles of Biology I
Principles of Biology I Laboratory
Principles of Biology II
Principles of Biology Laboratory II
Environmental Biology
Diversity of Life
Selected Topics in Biology
People and the Environment
Evolution and Ecology
Biology of Marine Organisms
Barrier Island Ecology
Marine Pollution
Principles of Chemistry I
Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry II
Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory
Special Topics in Chemistry
Ethical Issues in Chemistry
Chemistry of Biofuels
Green Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Introduction to the Earth
Introduction to Oceanography
Environmental Physics
Chemical Environment
Chemical Environment Laboratory
Select at least two non-science courses from this list:6
Environmental Art
Literature and the Environment
Nature and Society
Total Credit Hours15


If you have questions or need assistance, please speak with an advisor located in the Interdisciplinary Academic Building, Room 1048, (912) 478-0248.