Environmental Sustainability Concentration

Concentration Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the concentration

This concentration is ONLY available for students who have as their major the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies or the Online Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Credit Hours
Course Requirements18
Students must complete Global Sustainability and Innovation or one of the 1000-level environmental science courses below:
Environmental Biology
Chemistry and the Environment
Environmental Geology
Environmental Physics
Global Sustainability and Innovation
Students must also complete 15 credit hours 3000-level and above from the following list of courses pending completion of necessary pre-requisites: 1
Environmental Archaeology
Anthropology and Human Problems 2
Environmental Art
People and the Environment
Evolution and Ecology
Sea Turtle Biology
Principles of Ecology
Biology of Marine Organisms
Barrier Island Ecology
Marine Pollution
Wildlife Management
Conservation Biology
Aquatic Ecology
Plant Ecology
Marine Ecology
Rhetoric of Social Movements 3
Chemistry of Biofuels
Green Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Sociocultural Bases of Communication
Environmental Economics
Literature and the Environment
Weather and Climate 2
Economic Geography
Nature and Society
Cultural Geography
Environmental Impact and Remediation
Principles of Oceanography
Earth Science 2
Sea Turtle Natural History 3
Environmental History
Environmental and Community Health Issues
Sustainability for the Built Environment 3
Global Issues
Development and Sustainability
Sustainable Ocean Policy
Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics 3
Sustainable Foods 3
Environmental Ethics 3
Environmental Politics 3
International Relations 3
Politics of the Global South 3
Principles of Environmental Health
Stress Theory and Management in Health Promotion 2
Introduction to Public Health 3
Adventure Education 3
Outdoor Recreation Management 2
Environmental Education and Interpretation 2
Social Change
Environmental Sociology
Green Building and Sustainable Construction
Hazardous Waste Management
Environmental Law 3
Practicum in Environmental Sustainability 4
Students MUST contact the Director of the Institute for Coastal Plain Science at the beginning of the semester BEFORE the practicum, in order to allow time to develop, arrange, and approve a suitable project.
Total Credit Hours18


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