Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Select three to six hours from:3-6
Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Gender in Global Contexts
Select nine to twelve hours from the following:9-12
(At least 9 credit hours must be from courses numbered 3000 or higher.)
Major Requirements
Choose from the following:
Women & Gender in Amer Hist
Sociology of Gender
WGSS Internship
WGSS Junior/Senior Seminar
Perspectives in Feminist Theory
Arts and Humanities
Choose from the following:
Popular Culture Theory and Criticism
Communication and Conflict
Communication and Gender
Irish Women Writers
Women in Film
History of Latinos/as in the United States
Biography and History
Tudor and Stuart Britain
Women and Gender in Europe
Revelation and Revolution
The New South
Topics in Women and Gender in America
Language, Power, Politics
Feminist Philosophy
Religion, Sex, and Gender
Gender, Violence and Society
WGSS Internship
Topics in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Topics in Women’s Leadership
Selected Topics in Writing and Linguistics
Selected Topics in Writing
Writing and Healing
Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture
Teaching College Composition
Advanced Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture
Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Choose from the following:
Selected Topics Anthropology
Anthropology of Sex and Gender
Anthropology of Language and Gender
Sexuality in Human Development
Family Violence
Inequalities, Crime, and Justice
Women and Politics
Human Rights in International Relations
Gender and the Law
Psychology of Gender
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Sociology of Sexuality
Gender, Violence and Society
Introduction to LGBT Studies
Social Movements
Sociology of the Family
Child Welfare and Family Services
Social Services Counseling Skills
Sport, Culture, and Society
WGSS Internship
Public Health:
Choose from the following:
Human Sexuality
GEPH   6133
Science and Mathematics:
Cultural Geography
Total Credit Hours15


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