Humanities Interdisciplinary Concentration

Concentration Program

Select six (3 credit hours) courses, with at least three different prefixes, from the following list. At least five of these courses (15 credit hours) for the concentration must be upper division (3000 or above). Courses may be selected from the list of courses below approved for the concentration. Other courses may be approved by the student's advisor in consultation with the Associate Dean of CAH.

Credit Hours
Select 18 credit hours from the following: 18
African Art
American Art
Art and Architecture of the Ancient World
Medieval Art
Italian Renaissance Art
Baroque and Rococo Art
19th Century Art
20th Century Art
Contemporary Art
Patterns in Film and Literature
Single Author
Documentary Film
Cinema Genres
Classicism (only one 2000-level course may be included)
Myth in Arts and Humanities (only one 2000-level course may be included)
History of Music I
History of Music II
Music in the Classic Period
Music in the Romantic Period
Music in the Contemporary Period
History of Opera
Jazz History
Philosophy of Art
Theory of Knowledge
Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
History of Religion in the U.S.
The Early Church
The Muslim World to Tamerlane
The Muslim World Since Genghis Khan
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Christian Europe 450-1750
The Reformation
African American Theatre
Irish Theatre
Theatre History I: Origins to 1700
Theatre History II: 1700 to Contemporary
Seminar: World Theatre
Total Credit Hours18