Music - Applied Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
MUSA 3xxxApplied Lessons (3 semesters)6
Music Theory
Choose one option:
Option 1:
Music Fundamentals I (3)
Music Fundamentals II (3)
Option 2:
Music Theory I (3)
Three (3) elective credits in Music
MUSE   1100Recital Attendance (2 semesters)0
MUSE 3xxxEnsembles (3 semesters)3
Total Credit Hours15

Additional Minor Requirements/Recommendations

Music - Applied Minors must be admitted by passing an audition in applied music. All credits earned in Principal Applied must be on a single instrument or in voice only. Students pursuing the music minor must enroll in the specified ensemble(s) appropriate to their Principal-Applied area. All minors must achieve equivalent of Level I proficiency in their applied area prior to completion of the minor.