Philosophy Minor


Chair, Department of Philosophy
Newton Hall
(912) 478-5471

Minor Program

Credit Hours
PHIL - 15 credits, 9 of which are upper division
Selected Topics in Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
The Rise of Science in Religious Contexts
Early Modern Philosophy: Rationalism and Empiricism
Nineteenth Century Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Technology, Society and Human Values
Modern Political Thought
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Art
Contemporary Moral Problems
Environmental Ethics
Theory of Knowledge
Feminist Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
The Irish Philosophical Tradition
Focus on the Philosopher
Philosophy of Emotions
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Film
Philosophy of Religion
Independent Study
Selected Topics in Philosophy
Asian Religious Philosophy (also counts toward the minor)


If you have questions or need assistance, please speak with an advisor in the Newton Building, (912) 478-0233.