Religious Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
RELS   4890Religious Studies Capstone3
An additional 12 credit hours of courses with significant Religious Studies dimension must be completed for a total of 15 credit hours. Two RELS courses must be completed prior to taking the capstone. May not be taken in conjunction with the Philosophy with a Religious Studies Concentration major degree. Courses may be selected from the list of courses below approved for the minor. Other courses must be approved by the Religious Studies faculty.
Select four of the following:12
Sorcery, Demons and Gods
The Bible as Literature
History of Religion in the U.S.
The Christian Church in the Roman Empire
The History of Islam in Southeast Asia
The Muslim World to 1400
The Muslim World since 1250
Christian Europe 450-1750
Science and Religion
Revelation and Revolution
The Age of Reformations
Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Psychology of Religion
World Religions
Introduction to Religious Studies
Selected Topics
Introduction to Asian Religions
Introduction to Hinduism
Introduction to Islam
Introduction to Christianity
Introduction to Buddhism
Asian Religious Philosophy
Religion, Sex, and Gender
The Hebrew Prophets
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to the New Testament
Religion and Irish Identity
Religion and Politics
Religion and Law
Special Topics in Religious Studies
The Age of Reformations
Or any RELS course 3000-level or above
Sociology of Religion
Total Credit Hours15


Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 
Newton Building
Room 3307 
(912) 478-5471


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