Criminal Justice and Criminology B.S. (Emphasis in Criminal Justice and Criminology)

Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
General Requirements (Core Areas A - E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major18
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Universal Justice
Introduction to Policing
Introduction to Corrections
Select six credit hours from the following: 1
Introduction to African American Studies
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to International Studies
Programming for Information Technology
Introduction to Public Administration
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Major Requirements18
Legal Process
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Research Methods
Applying Elementary Statistics in Justice and Crime Research 2
Inequalities, Crime, and Justice
Emphasis in Criminal Justice and Criminology3
Select 3 hours from the following:3
Criminal Law
Evidence and Procedure
Capstone Course
Select 3 credit hours from the following:3
Senior Seminar CRJU & Crim
Internship in Justice Studies
Honors Research Seminar
Upper Division Criminal Justice and Criminology Electives
Select 12 credit hours from the following: 312
Corporate Crime
Criminal Justice Admin
Cyber Criminology
Hackers, Malware, and Online Economic Crime
Online Violence
Comparative Justice Systems
Juvenile Justice
Gangs and Society
Drugs and Society
Family Violence
School Violence
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Crime and Justice in Public Policy
Conflict Resolution
Popular Culture and Justice
Issues in Homeland Security
Community-Based Supervision and Treatment
Special Topics in Criminology
Special Topics in Criminal Justice
Directed Study in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Law, Justice, and Society
Organized Crime in a Global Society
Internship in Justice Studies
Cyber Forensics
Applied Digital Forensics I
Applied Digital Forensics II
Special Topics in Cybercrime
Global Cybersecurity
Homeland Security
Social Science Multidisciplinary Electives
Select six credit hours of upper division (3000 and above) social science or related courses 46
Select 15 credit hours of free electives15
Total Credit Hours124

Other Program Requirements

A minimum grade of “C” is required for each Area F, CRJU, and multidisciplinary requirements course taken in the major. This applies to all courses (lower and upper division). If advisor recommends, one “D” allowed if matched by “B” or higher in another course in the major.


Students may take three, six, or nine credit hours of Internship. For internships over three credit hours, students may utilize up to six credit hours to count towards fulfilling the Upper Division Criminal Justice and Criminology Electives requirement, while three credit hours may be counted towards the Free Electives requirement. Students must work with their advisor to determine the placement of these hours.

Honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology

To graduate with Honors in Criminal Justice and Criminology, a student must:

  • be admitted to the Honors College;
  • successfully complete at least three credit hours of Honors Research Seminar (HONS   4610) over three semesters;
  • successfully complete and present an Honors Thesis or Capstone Project;
  • be in good standing in the Honors College at the time of graduation.


Undergraduate Academic Advisement at Georgia Southern is provided to all degree-seeking undergraduate students by professional advisors. Academic Advisors are located on all three Georgia Southern University campuses. Students are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor at least once a semester. For more information visit the Academic Advisement catalog page.