Asian Studies Minor


Chair, Department of Political Science and International Studies
Carroll Building
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Minor Program

Credit Hours
All courses in the minor also require a C or better.
INTS   2130Introduction to International Studies 3
Additional Credits
Must include 12 additional credits from the following, and may not include more than six credits numbered 3000 or above from a single discipline
Three courses selected from:9
Literature of the Non-Western World
Traditional China
The Modern Middle East
Modern Southeast Asia
Topics in Asian History
Modern China
Asian Politics
Asian Regional Security
Asia and the United States
Politics of East Asia
Comparative Foreign Policy
Politics and Security in Southwest Asia
One course selected from:3
Prin of Macroeconomics by WC
Postcolonial Literature
Gender In Global Contexts
Total Credit Hours15

Program Requirements

All department majors must earn a C or better in all courses required in the program, including courses used to complete Area F in the core and Related Field Courses. All majors are required to take an exit examination (the Major Field Test for their respective field) prior to graduation.