International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor


Credit Hours
Required Courses:3
Introduction to International Studies
Total Credit Hours3

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Course Requirements:6
Contemporary World Cultures
Global Issues
An additional 9 credit hours of courses with significant International Studies dimension in at least two disciplines other than the major must be completed for a total of 15 credit hours. Courses may be selected from the list of courses below approved for the minor. Other courses must be approved by the director of the International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor. 9
On a regular basis, students pursuing the minor in International Studies should consult with the Director of the International Studies Interdisciplinary minor.
European Cultures
Native Peoples of North America
Linguistic Anthropology
Anthropology and Human Problems
Anthropology of Sex and Gender
Ethnographic Methods
Anthropology of Language and Gender
Selected Topics in Arabic Selected Topics in Arabic
19th Century Art
Post-Modern Art
Independent Study in Art History
Selected Topics in Chinese
International Trade
International Macroeconomics
Economic Development
International Finance
Studies Abroad: Language
Studies Abroad: Culture
Selected Topics in French
Contemporary France
Weather and Climate
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Asia
Geography of Africa South of the Sahara
Geography of Europe
Economic Geography
Selected Topics in German
German Language and Society
Selected Topics in German
German Culture and Civilization
US Foreign Relations since World War I
Contemporary Europe
Modern Britain: 1485 to the Present
Modern Germany
The Modern Middle East
Modern Russia
Colonial Latin America
Latin America since Independence
US Foreign Relations: The Cold War
Women and Gender in Europe
World War I
Advertising and Culture
World War II
Britain and the World
20th Century Russia
Modern Japan
Modern China
Economic Rivals: US-UK-Japan
Selected Topics in Irish Studies
Irish Theatre
Ireland in Film
Northern Irish Identities, Conflict, and Peace-Making
Japanese Conversation
Reading Japanese
Japanese Literature I
Japanese Culture I
Japanese Culture II
Business Japanese
International Management
International Marketing
History of Music I
History of Music II
Sustainable Foods
Cultural Foods
Environmental Ethics
Asian Politics
Latin American Politics
Middle East Politics
Introduction to the European Union
Women and Politics
International Relations
Human Rights in International Relations
Ethnicity and Nationalism
African Politics
Selected Topics in Political Science
International Political Economy
International Law and Diplomacy
International Organizations
Politics of the Global North
Politics of the Global South
International Terrorism
Contemporary Political Thought
Seminar in International Relations
Seminar in Comparative Politics
International Public Relations
Introduction to Asian Religions
Introduction to Hinduism
Introduction to Islam
The Muslim World Since Genghis Khan
Religion and Politics
Conversation, Composition, Culture: South America
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Mexico and Central America
Conversation, Composition, Culture: The Caribbean
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Spain
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Latino USA
Introduction to Spanish for the Professions
Spanish American Life, Literature, and Thought
Peninsular Life, Literature, and Thought
Advanced Spanish for the Professions
Total Credit Hours15

Courses approved for the International Studies Interdisciplinary Minor can be obtained in the Department of Political Science & International Studies.  On a regular basis, students pursuing the Minor in International Studies should consult with the Director of the International Studies program.


Chair, Department of Political Science and International Studies
Carroll Building
(912) 478-5698


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