Political Science B.A. (Concentration in Law and Politics)

Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
General Requirements (Core Areas A - E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major18
Foreign Language 2001 - Intermediate I
Foreign Language 2002 - Intermediate II
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Political Analysis
Select one of the following. If any of the above are taken to satisfy Areas C-E, also select from the following:
Introduction to Anthropology
Principles of Microeconomics
World Regional Geography
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Elementary Statistics
Major Requirements
Senior Seminar (Select one of the following)3
Seminar in American Politics
Seminar in Political Theory
Seminar in International Relations
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Seminar in International Organizations
Select one course from each emphasis:
American Politics:3
Legislative Behavior
The Presidency
Judicial Politics
Constitutional Law: Government Powers
Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Politics and The Media
State and Local Government
Introduction to Bureaucratic Politics
Political Parties and Elections
Introduction to Public Affairs
Environmental Laws and Regulations
Politics of Public Policy
Politics of Economic Inequality
Immigration Law and Policy
Comparative Politics:3
Asian Politics
Latin American Politics
Middle East Politics
Women and Politics
Ethnicity and Nationalism
Pol & Ideol/Contemporary Euro
African Politics
Survey of Comparative Politics
Politics of the Global North
Politics of the Global South
Politics of Economic Inequality
Asia and the United States
Politics of East Asia
Russian Politics
Comparative Judicial Systems
Comparative Foreign Policy
International Politics:3
Introduction to the European Union
International Relations
Human Rights in International Relations
Global Environmental Politics
Introduction to United Nations
U.S. Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
International Law and Diplomacy
International Organizations
International Terrorism
International Conflict
Politics and the Military
Asian Regional Security
National Security of the Developing South
Insurgency and Civil War
Politics and Security in Southwest Asia
Violent Non-State Actors
Political Theory:3
Modern Political Thought
Ancient Political Thought
Pol & Ideol/Contemporary Euro
Classics of Political Thought
American Political Thought
Contemporary Political Thought
Religion & Political Thought
Liberalism and the Modern State
Marxism, Socialism, and Democracy
Feminist Political Thought
Concentration in Law and Politics Requirements:
Required courses:12
Judicial Politics
Constitutional Law: Government Powers
Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
International Law and Diplomacy
Comparative Judicial Politics
Moot Court I
Gender and the Law
Comparative Judicial Politics 1
International Law and Diplomacy 1
Immigration Law and Policy
Minor - Required
Select an Area of Study Chosen in Consultation with Major Advisor; courses must be at 3000+ level or above15
Select 12 credit hours of upper division POLS courses12
(A maximum of 12 hours of Internship may be taken)
Total Credit Hours124

Other Program Requirements

  • Majors must earn a minimum grade of “C” in Introduction to Political Science (POLS   2101), Introduction to Political Analysis (POLS   2130), and all upper level POLS courses.

Honors in Political Science

To graduate with Honors in Political Science, a student must:

  • be admitted to the University Honors Program;
  • successfully complete at least three credit hours of Honors Research Seminar (HONS   4610) over three semesters;
  • successfully complete and present an Honors Thesis or Capstone Project;
  • be in good standing in the University Honors Program at the time of graduation.


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