Accounting B.B.A.

Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses and credit hours in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
​​General Requirements (Core Areas A - E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major18
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Introduction to Business
Advanced Business Applications
Principles of Macroeconomics (if taken in Area E, substitute LSTD   2106)
Principles of Microeconomics
Specific Requirements Beyond Area F24-30
Accounting Information Systems
Foundations of Business Analytics I
Foundations of Business Analytics II
Strategic Management
Principles of Corporate Finance
Legal Environment of Business (if ECON   2105 taken in Area E, then substitute into Area F)
Survey of Calculus (if not taken in Area A-E)
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Operations and Supply Management
Major Requirements24
Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II
Managerial Accounting II
Income Tax
Intermediate Accounting III
ACCT XXXXAny two approved 4000 level Electives
Select 6 credit hours of Electives (should be chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor) unless ECON   2105 and/or MATH   1232 are used to meet requirements in Areas A-E in which case students will take up to 12 credit hours of Electives6-12
Total Credit Hours124

Honors in Accounting 

To graduate with Honors in Accounting, a student must:

  •  be admitted to the Honors College;
  •  successfully complete Research Seminar (BUSA   3610)  and  Business Seminar (BUSA   3620); 1
  •  successfully complete and present an Honors Thesis or Capstone  Project;
  •  be in good standing in the Honors College at the time of graduation.

Honors students in the Parker College of Business are strongly encouraged to take Introduction to Business (BUSA   1105), Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON   2105), Financial Accounting (ACCT   2101), Managerial Accounting (ACCT   2102), Legal Environment of Business (LSTD   2106), and Advanced Business Applications (CISM   2530).

Accelerated Bachelors to Masters Program (ABM)

Degree Requirements: 30 Credit Hours

In accordance with SACSCOC requirements, 120 unique credit hours are required in a Bachelors degree program, and at least 30 unique credit hours are required for a Masters degree program. The MACC-ABM program combines 124 hours from the BBA Accounting program and 30 hours from the MACC program, exceeding the required 150 unique hours between undergraduate and graduate degree programs by 4 hours. The Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies Handbook for Program Directors and Graduate Advisors permits a maximum of 9 shared credit hours between the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Therefore, MACC-ABM students may share a maximum of 4 credit hours of graduate level courses in satisfying the requirements of both degree programs.

Admission Requirements

Provisional Admission

The MACC-ABM program is designed for students who have achieved a high level of undergraduate performance in business and accounting coursework which validates their ability to be successful graduate students. Provisional Admission will not be allowed.

Regular Admission

For regular admission into the Accelerated Bachelors in Accounting to Masters of Accountancy degree program the applicant must:

  1. Be enrolled as a current Georgia Southern undergraduate student majoring in Accounting.
  2. Have earned at least 75 credit hours, including Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT   3131).
  3. Have an earned GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better in all undergraduate coursework.
  4. Have an earned GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better in accounting undergraduate coursework.

Program of Study

Students admitted into the ABM program will register for Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships (ACCT   7330), instead of an undergraduate elective, thus reducing the number of graduate hours needed for graduation from 30 to 27.

School of Accountancy (SOA) Progression Requirements

  1. Accounting majors must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required accounting courses in order to continue in the accounting program.
  2. Students will not be allowed to retake an accounting course more than twice.
  3. Students who are dismissed from the accounting program may submit a written appeal to the Director.
  4. Dismissal from the accounting program does not affect the ability of the student to switch to another major.
  5. As stated in the University's Mission, “Georgia Southern University creates a caring, respectful environment that is deeply committed to ethical decision-making in the spirit of collegiality.” In addition, students are expected to adhere to the University Honor Code.  Failing to uphold the University's values or violating the Honor Code may result in a student's dismissal from the program.  


Undergraduate Academic Advisement at Georgia Southern is provided to all degree-seeking undergraduate students by professional advisors. Academic Advisors are located on all three Georgia Southern University campuses. Students are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor at least once a semester. For more information visit the Academic Advisement catalog page.