Interdisciplinary Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Certificate Program:  18 Credit Hours

Students can earn the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management by completing the specific approved courses in the list below.  Eighteen credit hours of study will be necessary to complete the certificate, with a “B” or better in each course.  Students will also be required to obtain at least one industry certification (e.g., ServSafe, TIPS, Cvent) while in the program.

Credit Hours
Required Courses (9 credit hours):9
Hospitality Industry Management I
Tourism Management
Practical experience/internship (HNRM   4730, RECR   4790, or RECR   4830) for 3 credits
Elective Courses (9 credit hours; must take three of the following courses, of which one must be from HNRM and one from RECR)9
Hotel Operations
Promoting the Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry Management II
Food and Beverage Operations
Restaurant Management
Hospitality Issues and Perspectives
Leadership and Programming in Leisure Services
Heritage Tourism
International Tourism
Resort & Commercial Recreation Operations
Conference and Event Planning
Selected Topics in Recreation
Total Credit Hours18

Note: If RECR 4830 is used to fulfill the "practical experience" requirement under the Required Courses section, the course cannot also be used as an Elective Course for the purposes of this certificate.


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